Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Seo Training: Seo Optimization Course,Search Engine Optimization

In this article we are providing a complete seo training.

What is seo?
seo stands for search engine optimization and it helps you to optimize the web sites for the search engines.

our seo training provides you a basic seo optimization.

Here i also provide a seo glossary:

Robots.txt : Robots.txt is a file which indicate spider to visit which parts of a website they may visit.

Spider: Spiders are software programs that scan the web and also called a bot.

Keyword: keyword means.

Keyphrase: Keyphrase means.

Serp: Abbreviation for Search Engine Results Page/Positioning.

Backlink: Backlink means.

PR: Page Rank.

Step for seo training course:

STEP 1: How can i Choose right keywords for a website?

STEP 2: How to optimize a keyword in search engine optimization?

(A): Optimize a keyword in your website Title.

Title should not exceeds more than 64 characters because Search engine displays 64 characters
only,don't repeat your keywords not more than 2 times.Put your keyword first in your page title.

EX: Suppose you choose a keyword like seo training course so your page title should be
page title :SEO Training Course-We Offer Two Types of SEO Training Course

(B):Optimize a keyword in your Meta tags

Meta Description tag:

Write short and clear sentences that will not confuse your visitors.The description tag should be
written in such way that it will show what information your website contains or what your website is about.The meta description tag also has a great importance for the SEO optimization of your page.The description tag should be less than 200 characters.

Meta Keywords tag:

They should be listed with commas and should correspond to the major search phrases you are
targeting.The keyword tags should contain between 5 and 10 keywords.Don't repeat more than twice, or it may be considered as spam.

EX: meta name="keywords" content="seo optimization, search engine,search engine optimization , course, seo training,"

STEP 3:Optimize your content because content is king?

Optimize your content such that the keywords should repeat more times and the keyword density lies between 3% - 7% as per search engine requirement.If you optimize the keyword density between 3% - 4% it helps you more.
You can check the keyword density of your website in free keywords density analyzer tool.

create a unique content for your website because search engine love unique content and crawls you again and again and it's helps your website ranks well in search engine.

STEP 4:How to get backlinks for seo?

I suggest you to get quality backlinks,if you need more details of quality backlinks you can check this how backlinks are important for seo and backlinks tools.

STEP 5:Successful one way link building course?

Brief explanation of successful one way link building for seo so here i provide you check it out
Successful one way link building course.

Why seo training courses are becoming so popular?

The biggest benefit of seo training is that you can learn SEO techniques that you can apply
yourself for a fraction of the cost of using a SEO consultant.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Free Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords List

Remember always top paying targeted keywords is the key for your success
Many people earning from their websites/blogs through google adsense but
some of them did not earn much because they optimize low paying keywords
in their websites/blogs.Although every one want to earn money more and
more from their websites,if they don't target the keywords which pay's
them high how can their earn more.
The major role for every successful ppc campaign is top paying targeted keywords .

So if you serious to earn more money by google adsense here is a sucessful key
i am going to provide you to some of free top paying google adsense keywords list:

Top paying google adsense keywords for mortgages:

2nd mortgage loans $41.66
refinance second mortgages $41.40
best refinance mortgage rate $48.31
refinancing mortgage loans $48.06
fixed rate second mortgages $50.07

Top paying google adsense keywords for insurance:

free auto insurance quote $53.69
auto insurance specialist $49.63
inexpensive auto insurance $42.54
car insurance quotes $39.74
compare auto insurance $39.09

Top paying google adsense keywords for medical:

mesothelioma treatment options $64.84
cancer caused by asbestos $47.48
mesothelioma $52.85
mesothelioma lawyer $47.65
mesothelioma attorneys $52.19
mesothelioma diagnosis $45.22
mesothelioma research $50.08
mesothelioma peritoneum $66.52
mesothelioma death $69.13
cure for mesothelioma $68.34
asbestos cancer $43.79

Top paying google adsense keywords for loans:

private student loan consolidation $53.41
consolidate student loans $47.33
consolidate college loans $45.37
education loan consolidation $58.05
loan consolidation rates $43.29
financial aid consolidation $30.38

Top paying google adsense keywords for web hosting:

managed dedicated server hosting $30.74
dedicated sql server hosting $30.10
managed server hosting $34.53
buy a domain name $26.07

Note:Top paying keywords will increase your Google AdSense's revenue.

Free Service: IF you need top paying google adsense keywords in any related leave a comment with your email id i'll send you a top paying keywords.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

How to make more Money with Google Adsense Tips and Tricks

How to make more money with google adsense?

Many people asking me how to make more money with google adsense so here i post a simple steps which helps you to improve more money with google adsense:

1.Firstly search for a high paying keywords for your website.

2.Optimise that keywords with your website content.

3.The best AD position you choose the more clicks you will get.So here i write some of the
adsense tips and tricks for ad placement.

Adsense tips and tricks:

1.Firstly i suggest you for a banner ad on the header and the size will be 486x60.

2.Do not put your ads on the bottom of the page because user doesn't scroll up to the bottom.In some resolution modes browser doesn't show the bottom ads.

3.Put your ads on left side of the page because user never misses that part.

4.Putting your ads on right side of the page works well.

5.The best place to put your ads in between the site content.

6.Colors of your ads is very important so i suggest you to choose the color same as you chooses for your website color.

7.Avoid ads border.

Google Adsense Tools:

1.Google Adsense Preview : This google adsense preview tool helps you to show what types of ads does user gets as this is a product of google.com

2.Adsense Earnings Notifier : This tool shows the google adsense account on your firefox browser so there is no need to login in again and again in google adsense account to see the earning report.

3.Competitive Filter : This is a part of google adsense account which helps you to differ from your competitors and allows you to block the domains which pays low.

4.Adsense Earnings Calculator : This tool calculates the average of your revenue on the basis of
CTR, Impressions, CPM which you will get over a period of time.

In my next post i'll write more about google adsense tips and tricks so keep in touch.