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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Free Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords List

Remember always top paying targeted keywords is the key for your success
Many people earning from their websites/blogs through google adsense but
some of them did not earn much because they optimize low paying keywords
in their websites/blogs.Although every one want to earn money more and
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The major role for every successful ppc campaign is top paying targeted keywords .

So if you serious to earn more money by google adsense here is a sucessful key
i am going to provide you to some of free top paying google adsense keywords list:

Top paying google adsense keywords for mortgages:

2nd mortgage loans $41.66
refinance second mortgages $41.40
best refinance mortgage rate $48.31
refinancing mortgage loans $48.06
fixed rate second mortgages $50.07

Top paying google adsense keywords for insurance:

free auto insurance quote $53.69
auto insurance specialist $49.63
inexpensive auto insurance $42.54
car insurance quotes $39.74
compare auto insurance $39.09

Top paying google adsense keywords for medical:

mesothelioma treatment options $64.84
cancer caused by asbestos $47.48
mesothelioma $52.85
mesothelioma lawyer $47.65
mesothelioma attorneys $52.19
mesothelioma diagnosis $45.22
mesothelioma research $50.08
mesothelioma peritoneum $66.52
mesothelioma death $69.13
cure for mesothelioma $68.34
asbestos cancer $43.79

Top paying google adsense keywords for loans:

private student loan consolidation $53.41
consolidate student loans $47.33
consolidate college loans $45.37
education loan consolidation $58.05
loan consolidation rates $43.29
financial aid consolidation $30.38

Top paying google adsense keywords for web hosting:

managed dedicated server hosting $30.74
dedicated sql server hosting $30.10
managed server hosting $34.53
buy a domain name $26.07

Note:Top paying keywords will increase your Google AdSense's revenue.

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